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Monday, February 22, 2010

5:00 PM

(Set up at 3:30 pm-breakdown at 7:00 pm)

City-County Building
Grant Street
Due to lack of a public hearing, conditional use of the location on West Carson Street, adjacent to the Onala Club, has been approved by Judge James for use as a "gentlemen's club". We believe that OUR RIGHTS have been overlooked. The city of Pittsburgh has filed an appeal on the judges ruling. As the West End neighborhoods, we believe that our rights have been overlooked. While we know that our actions may not stop the strip club from coming to the gateway to our neighborhoods, we will be making it known for future situations that our rights cannot be overlooked.

Pass the word, we need all the support we can get!

Please contact the following list judges to voice your concerns about Judge James decision

Colville, Robert J. 708 City-County Building 412.350.0273

Della Vecchia, Michael A. 710 City-County Building 412.350.0281

Folino, Ronald W. 704 City-County Building 412.350.4535

Friedman, Judith L.A. 712 City-County Building 412.350.5147

Hertzberg, Alan D. 816 City-County Building 412.350.6333

James, Joseph M. 707 City-County Building 412.350.5598

Lutty, Paul F., Jr. 814 City-County Building 412.350.5468

McCarthy, Michael E. 709 City-County Building 412.350.5545

O’Brien, W. Terrence 705 City-County Building 412.350.5898

Strassburger, Gene , Administrative Judge 819 City-County Building 412.350.7138

Ward, Christine A. 820 City-County Building 412.350.5793

Wettick, R. Stanton, Jr., Senior Judge 818 City-County Building 412.350.5953